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Artist:Galas Diamanda
Taken from the album Saint Of The Pit by Galas Diamanda
Album:Saint Of The Pit
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:by Gerard Nerval

The Thirteenth returns... Once more she is the first;
And she is
still the only one, or is this the only moment;
For you are surely queen, first and
For you are surely king, O first and last lover?...

Love the one who loves you
from the cradle to the grave;
The one alone I love loves me dearly still:
She is death -
or the dead one... Delight or torment!
And the rose she holds is the

Saint of Naples with your hands full of fire,
Mauve-hearted rose, flower
of Saint Gudule:
Have you discovered your cross in the desert of the skies?

roses, fall! you offend our gods
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