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Artist:G. Love And Special Sauce
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Album:G Love And Special Sauce
Track:Walk To Slide
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Spring has sprung cause all it does is rain
Again outisde is dull walls as dull drive
sea has called fog from the waters
City screams for suns and daughters
Owned by the
But they ain't all of that
Tainted cats freaks to roll
Cool in the
I'm in the basement mixing
Tripping off my lips and
Elixing my mind with the
Spring comes misting
Drunk and listening to AM radio
Remembering pump up
the volume cause
I know I got it
The soul of speakers thought
I shed skins of
When I'm taught by the older
Records that I caught I get fat
In my pad I'm not
Not smiling passing for time to take a while
Wasting from the wild as I walk to

I bring from inside from the center
Epicenter radius oval roll you smooth
Mold you, I'm like that
Moon to sun to start this seed
Water drip drop drip
Your boggie ball your rubber ball
The smooth of a weathered wall
The cycles of
the systems
The circles within them
I walk to slide

Walk the slide on the
Walk the mile on the in
Keep it clouds on the outside
Keep it cool on the
Lost in the spin
The face folds to melt the mask
It's hard to get help
You're coming from the down low
Growing to know the smooth
In change
I walk
to slide

From the tombs I got tunes
Like the spoonful
House to groove French to
The falling sun
We've had our fun
The sunset came to still
Stays the same
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