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Artist:G. Love And Special Sauce
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Album:G Love And Special Sauce
Track:Garbage Man
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I'm your garbage man
Coming down the street
Kick your can, kick your can
Better get
your butt down on the curb
And say hey to me
I'm by the liquor store
Giving you the
When you walk by
I'm on the subway line
I'm in the coffee shop
Eating toast
and eggs

I never beg baby
I never get down on my knees
I'm gonna
get you just the same

Girl you had me gone long gone
Lost in your eyes
Cost in
my pride
Now I got you calling me speaking me seeking me sexing me

What happened to
my freedom
You need me like the air
You drink me like the water
Sort of funny I'm
your daddy
You ain't my daughter
First you said you needed sapce
Then please leave my
Every other day or so
Just get from my face
A taste of wet I got and
I'll bet that woman tried to play me
The girl had much game I can't get with
She paid her price to play
But Imma freak one moves
With a sure aim
get you just the same


I'm gonna get you undressed
Your mind ain't
gonna rest
I'm the best I'm the best
Forget about that man I'm your one
Son of
Imma move you Imma bruise you
Gonna make you love me
Then Imma lose


You'll be mine
You'll be mine
You'll be mine
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