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Artist:G. Love And Special Sauce
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Album:G Love And Special Sauce
Track:Eyes Have Miles
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Special sauce with the special skills
The special find for the special fill
A littel bit
on top of but laid back cool
Wind the thread from the tale spun
Back on the spool
too blue but azul
Stomping my foot with my sneak

Kicking it for the back
Fly girl undressed in the backseat
I might look a sneak
I won't steal a
Caught a glance from some good sounds
Don't eat from the Ground Round
Time to
get up in a get up
Shake your butt back down
Got more vapors in action
Like Halls
Misted as I kiced this hold on and I'll twist it
Young mother young
Should've stayed home
Poor child coming gonna be a rolling stone
Wild wild the
obvious child
Wild tone wild eyes have miles

No brown bag today see I'm ice dogging
Catch the Cool-Aid kid I'm all hogging it
Earl's got the 64 wet cause he sloshed
Christmas time comes I'm egg nogging it
Look the crook snook a hand in your
Took your keys then he took your wallet
But you in your eyes then your head he
clocked it
All you could say was stop it
Fuck you and die
Get away from my piece of
the pie
I'm past all that
My eyes have miles

Not necessarily clever
bring from the soul hold my vocal
Handle for a hold as I walk direct
I roll for the
Never be sold out
Cause the sell won't gel
I told you my clams inthe
Already I don't sweating
Just chill cuddy
It's those doggone
kids ever since
They was born the shining
No musically reweriting the
Relighting the page as the joker pays
For the dare on the outside
Just chops I
ain't impressed
The licks are removed I just can't digest
It's too artificial man
can't dig it I don't want affects
So I say so on and Imma go on
To the real next all wood
Earth home microphones I'm a rolling stone
I tumble with direction a
From the street
My drink won't dry cause I'm I
Cool like the sky
eyes have miles
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