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Artist:Fall Of Empyrean
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Track:The Catatonic
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Why must I endure this strife
From the ignorance
In their minds
They believe that I am
That a smell of nothingness
Is left

One could not believe
What the
catatonic sees
Through my eyes,
I see eternity
A surreal world
That fate could not
Tainted life
Unfolds this tapestry

The fear runs so deep
In the souls
of the weak
Blind, are their eyes
It is answers that they seek
I could answer
But they refuse to see the way
The lies of Christ
Keep them in

Though this is my prophecy
They make a mockery
Of what seems to have
become of me
They want to take my life
Cover up their lies
Avoid the truth I have

Probing my dark mind
To see what they could find
On my pain they somehow
seem to thrive
They live with no regrets
They think they've cheated death
But now the
truth has come alive

The worlds begin colliding
Their screams heard in space
atmosphere collapsing
Burning through the face

Their souls will never rest now
them an ageless plight
Their peaceful sleep awakened
By the destructive light...
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