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Artist:Factory Fear
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Track:Body Hammer
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I clench my teeth and realize
My world is so near its demise
A dying sun in a
poisonous sky
Stinging my eyes
Burning with contempt and conflict
As of now

I am a tool
Of severe impact
I clench my fist and visualize
The blood
that is spilled is our own
I open wide my bloodshot eyes
Count the dead
result of disfunction
As of now
I am a tool
Of severe impact

Hammer down
Cause and effect
And create a new world
Pound, drive, swing,
Break down, smash down
Pound and drive, swing and strike
Break it down

I am a tool
Repeat chorus (x2)
I am a tool...
I am a tool to break down

Break it down and smash it all away
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