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Track:Shake, Shudder, Shiver
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(Ron Wood, Ronnie Lane)

I shake and I shudder and I shiver
in my bath while it's cold
and my windows are broken,
as my poor dog lays a-chokin' on the floor.

I cried to my
father and my mother,
there's no justice divine,
I wonder when I get mine.
'cause I'm
so sick and tired of waitin' for the Lord.

I find just what it is I'm looking

There's a man wants to show me the river.
Hoofing at five I'll be more dead than
I find a reason to survive when I'm too old.

Should I walk in the lightning and
the thunder
on a hilltop so high and show my face to the sky ?
Will I find just what it is
I'm looking for ?
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