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Artist:Face Down (Sweden)
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Track:Demon Seed
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:There is a seed set to grow in my soul
That burns my heart but leaves my brain in
Screams of pain and screams of fear
That lives inside my head

So now in
different shapes I come to you
Smile as I fill your head with words untrue
Addictive ways of
pleasure I bring to thee
You are weak, thereby easy to victimize

Crack my whip
project demons in your mind
Taking you down
To the forever black

Now it's my time
to rise
Break you down and grind your soul
Fear and disgust cracks your face
I have
reached my goal
So now that I have entered your soul
I shall proceed to crush
because I want to or need to
Rather just because I can

Crack my whip...

one with the mind on a higher level
Precious life, honed to perfection
Devious in heart,
spawn of the dark
Born of demon seed
The son of the one almighty
I will be there to
Always doing what I please
Demon seed

Crack my whip...

Devious in
Spawn of the dark
Demon seed
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