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Track:Never Duplicated
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Uh, yes I am often imitated
But I am never duplicated, yeah
Yes I am often imitated
I am never duplicated

[Verse 1]
I can't deny it, you's a dick rider
You can never
flow like me, blow like me
Why would a bitch like ya?
She can see that I'm a fuckin rider,
you a hitch hiker
I'm walkin in some shoes, they can't make fit ya
Got millions of paper
that you can't take with ya
I don't wanna talk and I can't take pictures
Listen to your
demo, I'll handshake with ya
Excuse you, who's you?
If I need a stunt double I'll use
Pardon y'all, I don't wanna step on y'all toes
Seperate the authentic from the replica
And the kid be places you could never be at
So that can never be this, and this can
never be that
These niggaz got some audacity
Sell some records as fast as me
Or sell
some tickets out as fast as me

[Chorus (x2)]
Yes I am often imitated
(yes he is often imitated)
But I am never duplicated (but he is never duplicated)

all that y'all can do is hate it

[Verse 2]
None of these wannabes really come
I feel like I'm watchin the MTV show Christina Milian hosts
Everybody know this
brother got it
Way before everybody and their mother got it
They still wonder how he sound
like he do
If I was you, I'd wanna sound like me too
'Cause I got M's, they got G's and they
all right
But they not me
They hear how I spit it on a station
Now they wanna put me on
they singles just to get an imitation
No, I can't make an appearance
Give you a cheap fee or
break on a clearance
I'm what your label hoped it could be
That's why they trying to mould
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