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Track:My Life(feat. Mary J. Blige
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Mary J. Blige]
All my love is all I have
All my life I look for

[Verse 1 - Fabolous]
I'm just Fab, I see how Mary be now
But I can barely
be found
And I rarely be round
But when I do, the jury be drowned
And you can see how
clear the Pile Vase, and the Canaries be now
The top on the 5 series be down
And I'm
chillin' where them little houses on the prairie be now
Although there was a time I would
barely see fowls
But I'm gettin' a multi-million dollar yearly fee now
Girls, don't even
know me, want to marry me now
Dudes, I thought was homies, want to bury me now
That's why
I keep a bulletproof vest, no matter where we be now
And I carry three pounds, and nearly three
I take whatever the verdict from the jury be now
Rather than friends, it's
pallbearers that carry me round
Everybody staring unnecessarily now
But there's no tints
on my lights, so you can clearly see now

[Chorus - Mary J. Blige]
All my love is all
I have
And my dreams are very special
All my life I looked for you
And today your
dream come true
You need me and I need you
Lovin' us is very special
Lovin' life and
life and livin'
Your very special

[Verse 2 - Fabolous]
Ya'll can never be built
like me, even if ya'll look at my blueprint
But since ya'll watches look like its movement

I'll show you how video games look on the new Sprint
Flip out digital screens, look in the new
100 and flat screens, look in the new Pint
Even our Air Forces lookin' to new
I stay away from anythin' that look like a nuisance
But ya'll gotta peep this
rookie's improvement
I tip it with you and
Cause most dudes was doin' verses for a few
dollars and a hook for a few cents
All I do is try to teach and look to influence
But it
look like the students are playin' hooky, and truin'
And some say that we lookin' like new
But money talks, and it don't look like ya'll fluent
And ya'll done seen how this
young'n look in the new pints
But it's my life and you can't look in the new tints


[Verse 3 - Fabolous]
Uh, If I could say so myself, I came a long way

Even though I feel like the same old John J.
Nothin' change, when I aim, I'm gonna spray

When I eat, I order the same old entree
When I ride, I let the same old songs play
when I work, I do the same old long days
From bein' Fab, to looked at by dames the wrong
They know where we came, from the name they call me
I already know what these lames is
gonna say
And I already seen what games they gonna play
Fuck with family, don't say the
name the wrong way
And when you die, ya'll crackers gonna blame it on strays

J. Blige]
Cause love is life, and life is livin'
Your very special

[Chorus - w/ variations]

Me and Fab are very special

Me and Fab are very special
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