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Track:Into You (Remix)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I think your truly something special
Just what my dreams are really made of (dreams r really
made of)
Lets stay together you and me boy
There's no 1 like you around Oh baby
ooh you
know that I love you yea yes
oooh hooo ohhh
oooh ohh

I cant really explain
Im so into you now
I wanna be more than a friend to you now
When they ask, I mention
my babygirl in the interviews now
And I dont bring the problems from the 90s and the 2
Theres no reason to have a friend or two now
Cuz the kids ready to tell you how he feel
and a few vows
Maybe I speak in general now
But girl, imma do whatever just to keep a grin
on u now
Where I roll, they wear bikinis in the winter too now
What you think about tan
lines on the skin of you now?
Why wouldnt I wanna spend a few thou
On fifth ave, shopping
sprees and them dinners to chow
I aint concerned with other men with you now
As long as when
I slide up in you, you growl
And any dude with you, he better be a king to you now
And I
aint jealous, its the principle now
Im so into you

I really like what youve done to
I cant really explain it
Im so into you
I really like what youve done to me
cant really explain it
Im so into you

Come on ma
Its more than a flashing
woulda traded it all in orderly fashion
My billa in Florida we crashing
Just off the shore
so you can hear when the water be splashing
The Drop top 3 in the quota we dashing
diamonds in the water we flashing
The money we oughta be stashing
I make sure ever quarter
be cashed in

I cant really explain it
My friends be thinking Im slipping
girls be thinking Im tripping
What kinda weed u be smoking
What typa drinks u
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