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Track:B.K. Style
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Yea, Its bout to get real hard for these niggas to move man
Somebody get these niggas some
wheelchairs or somethin

Goin to war is still a scary issue
But in my hood they train to
kill wit every pistol
Like they military issue
Guess you a star if you sell a million every
disc two
Catch a gun case and bounce and still they'll barely frisk you
Cuz, I proved I move
the retail
Make the smoothest grooves wit female
And I remove the rules on V12's
aint never seen it move this smooth on sprewell's
I'm a hustler, you just a middle man to
The way I pass the rock could make Jason Kidd a fan of me
Just cop one joint, I'm a one
point somethin
Still I'll have you at gunpoint, with one joint dumpin
So watch what you say
to them crackers
Ill put a couple G's on yer head like you play for the Packers
I'm rap's
Labron James, I quickly see baskets
These scrubs wouldn't make it to the Mickey-D's
You got some sticky weed? Pass it
If not put it out, im pushin it before they put
it out
Wit the dash, wooded out, Shaq O'Neal footed out
Blastin a (?) get it first, before
they put it out, Clue!

Yea, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

Maybe wouldn't be a million kids
wit they faces on containers
If cops pursue the same way they chase us entertainers
In the
hood, a few big faces and a chain a-
Get metal in ya mouth like braces and retainers
the young bucks be scheming on somebody change
Tryin a sell somebody 'cain, before they even
potty trained
You can smooth talk your way into a hottie brain
Have her suckin long enough
to leave a nigga body drained
I wasn't taught, I learned from watchin stupid people
run up shootin, in front of a group of people
I lay in a cut,
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