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Artist:E-Town Concrete
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Track:In the Heart of Wolves
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:There can be no mercy in the heart of the wolves
There can be no shelter in the eye of the
Cast into the flames to bnurn and to die and burn
But instead i found comfort in it's

Unscathed. I chose the road that's unpaved.
Unfazed. I laid in the bed that I
Through rain or shine or sie or fall i won't fall short
I'll win it all. Expect me to
be the net that is here to catch your fall.

Flame, Flicker, Flicker, Flame
foes you can't contain
Adversity made me the fighter i learned to be
Yearn to be so far on
top that
Through Rain or Shine or Rise or Fall I won't Fall Short
I'll win it all expect me
to be the net that is here to catch your fall.

Burn the Fuck Down
You Will Crumble Just
Like the Ashes
You Will Melt Within My Flame
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