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Artist:E-Town Concrete
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Track:4 the Fame
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:It gave me chills the first time that I saw that nigga since he shot LaGhram. They had him locked
down. he got his weight up, and now he swears he's the fuckin' man. No remorse, that niggas cold,
he's runnin' shit now or so I'm told, word up the devil done stole his soul in fact, I heard he sold
it long ago, no doubt to break out, from the ghetto that be making fiends out of moms, car alarms,
packin' heat when the beef is on. Word is bond, son, in this triteness it's all the same, watch your
back it's a god damn shame, who's fakin' jax, your best friend will sell you out and no doubt, he's
makin' a name, he'd die for the fame, I don't want much I just want everything. Die for the fame.
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