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Artist:E-Town Concrete
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Hard times build character, or so I'm told. They teach you lessons worth your weight in gold, and
I've been shown things happen for a reason. I know your kind. You want one thing, the gusto. Keep it
in mind. What up chief? You is a shifty thief with shady eyes. Play the role like a tough guy. You
need a grammy. It's whack. Smile to my face. Talk behind my back. In fact, when I'm around you be
riding my sac. Your shit is played out. Try and use me to get your name out. So you can stay out
(cash in the fame no doubt). I ain't stupid. I know what you is about son. Gettin' that clout done
so you can attract a bigger crowd dunn. Yeah ... you is a foul, one always preaching
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