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Artist:E-Town Concrete
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Track:Sick World
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:it's a sick sick world.
die laughing, die w passion. die fast and go out blasting.
the only thing that matters is GI Joes, this world is
less complex i suppose. if time froze at
the age of innocence,
life at it's purest form. the simplest. recognize change starts
within. remember before we started to sin? and kids
were allowed to be kids? where's the
die laughing, die w passion. die fast and go out blasting.
fuck the world. keep
they say there's something wrong with us. maybe we lost
touch, maybe we fucked
up. but i don't think there's
something wrong with us, i think you lost touch. i think
fucked up. point the finger at your self this time.
do we love our children or neglect them?
when they speak
do you listen? do you pay attention? pay attention. kids are
starving for
attention. for so long. ask yourself, where did
we go wrong?
call me insane. the internet
has corrupted my brain.
desensitized by video games. pulling me in. making me sin.

recognize change starts from within.
it's a sick sick world. hahaha. who's laughing now?
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