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Artist:Ed Newberg
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Track:Coming Home to This
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Got a movie from home on a VHS,
It was three months late by it's cancelled stamps.
My boss
had a deck in the Officer's mess, so he fired it up while I blew out the sand.
The first image
I saw made my heart race, two blues candles and my little boy Jake.
His smile was a big as his
birthday cake. He said "wanna know what I wish?
That daddy's coming home to This."

Oh Sweet Innocence.

My dad snuck in the kitchen with the record button pressed.
there was my mom in her long summer dress.
Kneeling by a chair, she was saying a prayer, with
no idea he was standing there.
He tapped her shoulder and she slapped his hand and laughingly
said "you're such a silly man."
Then she possed by the stove with my favorite dish. She said
"by the grace of God son, you'll be coming home to This."

Oh, Such Lovingness

My wife blew me a kiss with a stiff upper lip. But I heard a faint sigh when she waved goodbye. Then
grandad wiped her eyes with his red hankerchief and said "careful out there boy, so you can come
home to This"

Oh, Sweet Tenderness

That night as a laid in my wind tattered
tent, with two blue candles and that VHS.
I held them as tight as I could to my chest and
promised myself I'd take care. So I could come home to This.

All this Peacefulness

Daybreak on a Sunday I arrived unannounced.
A brand new Flag hung at my house.
was my first war and I hope it's my last, but I'd do it again should my country ask.
And if
that's the case I have only one wish.
Wanna know what I wish?

That I'll be coming
home to This.

All This Innocence,
All This Lovingness,
Oh Sweet
All This Peacefulness.

Coming home to This.
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