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Artist:Econoline Crush
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Album:U.S. Crush
Track:Same Old Story
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Spotlight bright she's a diamond
shining like a shooting star from in the sky
Sighs every
night at the same time
Got to take a picture just to see her smile

It's the
same old story, could write a novel about her eyes
Watch in wonder waiting, with
wanna be the one and only thing she could be breaking

She's so pretty,
she says hello to the boys out of pity
She's so pretty, how could we want anyone, anyone but

She likes to stare she likes to look through you
sitting with her peers she's
empty in first class
Found the one the one for the moment
Quicksand sitting in the
hourglass, it's the

Same old story, you always want what you can't have
Likes to
keep pretending, leaves it open ended
Living, breathing fairy tale that never should've

She's so pretty, her smile could light up this whole damn city
She's so
pretty, how could we want anyone, anyone but you
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