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Artist:Econoline Crush
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Album:Purge 'ep
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Pssyche! Ha! Pssyche!

You're all alone in the pack
You feel like you want to go
You feel fist, but you keep on going
The reason is there
You won't find it 'till
you been and gone
Because you're living in your hopes
Someone's got

Pssyche! Ha! Pssyche!

Tell your brain: "seek inspiration"
appear illusion
Then you fall into transfer
Transform machine
To play with your
So you can stand back and watch
Take past and burn

Pssyche! Ha!

If you don't know the game
Then your still part of it
Because out on
the street its strange to show
Knowing full well that you're on the range
Dodge the
bullets, or carry the gun...
The choice is yours

Pssyche! Ha!

Look at the controller,
A natzi with a social degree,
A middle class
hero with your eyes on me,
You feast on masturbation,
Preach yes to the nuns you
You would wipe out semantics if you had a chance,
Jesus would like it noooww
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