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Artist:Echo & The Bunnymen
Taken from the album Porcupine by Echo & The Bunnymen
Track:Gods Will Be Gods
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:How can you pretend
When there's so much at stake
That it's a different world
your hands don't shake

At the end of the room
And the foot of the bar
knew that soon
We'd be making our mark

Why do you defend
The part you
have to take
With your fingers on the world
Hoping your hands don't shake

When you get the time
Why not think about
Connecting yours and mine
And turning in to

Back to the bar
I was feeling it
The hole in the floor
Was where
i would sit

Positions will be lost
And things will fall in place
falling will not stop
Till we have found our face

Oh will you mention
will you mention
My name to one
Oh will you mention
My name to me

Gods will be gods
But my lord forgot
I was made out of skin
Bones will be bones

But when i came home
There was no one in

So where were you staying
i was out playing
Was nobody laying the foundation,
The fulfilling of our killing

How can you pretend
That there's so much at stake
And it's a different
And everything shakes

I am the ______________
You're the after
I am total love
I am total hate

Let's face facts
We won't
_________of us
We will...
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