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Artist:Eazy E
Taken from the album Str8 Off Tha Muthaphukkin Streetz of Compton by Eazy E
Album:Str8 Off Tha Muthaphukkin Streetz of Compton
Track:Sorry Louie
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Hi Claude again...You remember I told you about my cousin when
I was 15...Well the year
after that I killed this kid Louie...
bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger
I got away with it...haha...but erm...I wanna apologize to
sorry Louie...hahaha...]

[Bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger]


I knew this muthaphukka named Louie
Every day the nigga talk shit but
today he tried to do me
He rolled down my block with a pistol and a stare
a black
khaki suit and dooky brades in his hair
The muthaphukka think I'm slippin
But I got
my gat and a 40 and I'm sippin
Waitin for the fool to get out the car
The stupid
muthaphukka thinks I'm a star
But I'm not, I'm the type that kick the niggaz ass

Fast ! Eazy E's a nigga that'll blast
Hold up, wait, the nigga started to load his gat

I grabbed my bat and ran around the back yo
He's at my window, thinkin I'm playin
But the stupid nigga don't know I'm behind him so
he dropped the gat like a
stupid muthaphukka
So I bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger

[Bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger]

knew this bitch named Wheaches
She often want me to fuck her happy ass on the beaches

But [?? huh ??] yo peaches be fuckin around with me
instead o' fuckin her man

She's butt-naked with my dick in her hand, yo
As soon as Wheaches started suckin, I saw this
nigga behind the car, and he was duckin
So I told the bitch to hold on
[Hold on]
You stupid bitch, put yo muthaphukkin clothes on
I wonder if this nigga's
tryin a jack me
Coz I ain't got my gat with me
Shit, the nigga started runnin up
I thought he was gonna blast, so I hid behind her ass
She started howlin out
"wait", I banked her in the face
But the punk nigga pulled out [?? mace ??]
He asked
the stupid bitch did I mug her
So I bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger


I'm a muthaphukkin psycho and I don't give a fuck about'em
kill the nigga and cut off his dick, so you know I got'em
coz [?? huh ??] ate his brain,
left the nigga for dead
Now it's a gallon of blood, drippin from under his bed
no ! What happened to my lover ???]
Bitch I bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger

Bitch tried to call the cops, fuck that
I gotta take the girl out with my
muthaphukkin bat
Coz I ain't doin 10 in the pen
for a bitch and her dead-ass
So...I gotta kill the ho
I'm reachin for my weapon slow
when I notice some nigga standin by the door
The little nigga sayin "don't kill my mother",
I bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger


hahahahaha Sorry Jimmy
hahahahaha He's dead
hahahahaha I'm sorry, Billy

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