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Artist:Eazy E
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Album:Various songs / Unsorted
Track:Nobody move
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Yo Ren you're ready to go get this move?
[Believe that boy]
You're strapped?

[Yeah you know it]
Let's go do this man I got it all planned out
shoot any motherfucker that moves]
["Alright everybody..."]
This is a
stick up everybody get face down
Ren gag their mouths so they can't make a sound

Tie em up for the fact that I'm kickin ass
I got my hand on my gat and I'm tempted to blast

My name is Eazy, but I go the hard way out
This ain't personal, but now I'm about

to commit a crime and go thru with it
You know what, no need for shakin, because I'm
used to it
Take out the security guard with a slap of my hand
Yeah, he's wearin' a
badge, but he's a ol ass man
Pump his ass in the head, and take his gun
so me and
the punk can go one on one
Cover the lens on the TV screen
you know, so me and my
gang just can't be seen
Lock the doors, and throw away the key
Close the blinds, so
no motherfuckers can see
and smile, you know, cause I'm controllin the shit
and no
sucker ass nigga's gonna stop the hit
Wardrobes and locs, and a Ruthless shirt
means I'm ready to work, and rush a fool to the dirt, so
["Nobody moves,
nobody gets hurt"] *pow*
(repeat 4X)
[Alright, anybody move and I'll blow your
fuckin head off]
Empty your pockets, but do it slow
everything you got and lay it on the fuckin floor
Don't make me have to set an example today

and blow one of you crazy motherfuckers away
I'm in a bank, and it's a little bit
takin all you stupid motherfuckers' money
Peepin at a bitch cause my dick's on
Laughin at the dumb ass security guard
who's tied up for the moment, not sayin'
a word
I should have known it before, the motherfucker's a nerd
But back to the
bitches I'm peepin
and then untie the hoe, so I can start creepin
Took her to the
backroom, about to jack
Cold trailed the bitch, with a gun in the back
I said: "Lay
down, and unbutton your bra!"
There was the biggest titties that a nigga ever saw
said: "Damn", then the air got thinner
Only thought in my mind, was goin' up in her

The suspense was makin' me sick
She took her panties down and the bitch had a dick!

I said: "Damn", dropped the gat from my hand
[What I thought was a bitch, was nothing but a
Put the gat to his legs, all the way up his skirt
because this is one faggot
that I had to hurt, so
[I said get down. I want you all face-down on the
Anybody moves and I shoot]
Stackin up the money and there's more to collect

cause I don't give a fuck, I take traveler's checks
Yo, Ren, peep out the window, and
tell me what you see
[Three motherfuckin police starin at me; what to do now?]
up and get on
Allright, tell me, who is the motherfuckin alarm?
I'm a give ya a
chance, and count to three
or else five of ya bitches are comin with me
Allright, Allright, come out niggaz, or we're coming in
This is the only chance to turn
yourself in]
Fuck you! We got hostages, and plenty of loot
and don't give a damn and
not afraid to shoot
We're sendin out the hostages, all except five
and if you don't
meet our demands, they won't stay alive
We want a copter, so we can get away clean

and take some pussy along, if you know what I mean
One hostage got brave, and got off the
but I smoked his ass before he got to the door
[Police: They shot a hostage,
they shot a hostage!]
[MC Ren: You stupid motherfucker tryin' to run
now you're dead
as fuck tryin' to race a gun]
[Police: Allright, this is the last chance to get off your ass

or else the tear gas is about to blast]
I ran to the back and Ren followed behind

to a hell of a spot that was hard to find
The bank was fucked up, the shit was smokin

with screamin hostages, runnin and chokin
Gettin away, but I was suddenly stopped

at point blank range, by a motherfuckin cop
And I hope they don't think that a lesson
was taught
cause a nigga like the E was finally caught
My gat wouldn't fire, the
shit wouldn't work
So, y'all know what time it is
[Police: Well I'm
giving you five seconds to let us thru the gate or
I'm gonna shoot two of your guards]

[Hehe, they got me once, but they'll never get me again
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