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Artist:Eazy E
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Album:Various songs / Unsorted
Track:Lickin suckin fuckin
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Let me hear it
[Eazy E]
You want this baby
I want it hot and
and thats the way I like it
you know thats right
you know how to kick
I mean can I stick it
so you want me to slap it
flip and rub it down

alright I want you to turn
round so I can hit it from the back ok
you like it
like that baby
who's is it is it mine baby
can I eat it I mean can I lick it

can I stick my tongue all in it
[*E and the girl going at it*]

Right there uuh
Oh Eric
[-*Cut Off*-]

[Eazy-E Speaks]
As I was sayin' before about this other bitch
thats fuckin' wit this
uh Uncle Tom bitch just
sayin' that he sexual harassed her so what if the
sexually harassed her give a nigga some pussy
know what I'm sayin' you know ain't nuttin'
wrong wit it
you know we did broke him off a little somethin' you know
but bitch
probably lyin' you know what I mean
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