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Artist:Eazy E
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Album:Str8 Off Tha Streetz Of Muthaphukkin Compton
Track:Eternal E
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Yo this is Yella
as we wine down to the final song
I wanted to make
this one to remember my lil nigga E
I know he wanted this track on his record
he was takin' from us to god damn soon
so I finished for him peace nigga...
[Eazy E]

We did a song fuck da police you know
and everybody been hearing fuck sayin'

fuck da police for years and years and years
and finally it took a muthaphukka to video tape

a nigga gettin' the shit beat out of him
for everybody else to say fuck da police

and we did fuck da police people put us down
and sayed we were ahead of our time you
know it
took the video you know ya shot by accident
to tell the truth and open the
worlds eyes
yes we do have a serious problem in L.A.
and other citys true retaliate
happens all the time
people tryin' to change things for years but I don't
anything is gonna help the problem is to deep
N.W.A. is just being brutally honest.

City of Compton (x2)
City of,City of Compton baby baby
swearin' on cable T.V. it ain't teachin'
nobody nothin' new cause little kids grow up

you know one, two years old hearin' there mother
sayin' fuck you, you little son of
bitch I beat
the shit out of you and all this shit and you know
they pick up from
all the shit and you know so they
learn shit you know it's not gonna be teachin'

muthaphukkaz nothin' new cause I got some new words
for your ass.

We don't tell you to go out and gang bang
we tell you ya know and our songs is as you

know if you could go out stealin' and killin'
and beatin' up people all day but that
ends up dead or in jail sometimes he gets away
you know and we don't have no
rags no red no blue
rags and tellin' we gonna go out and creep or go
out and do that
other thing or whateva it is
you know we aint tell you to be joinin' no gang
whateva else.
Rollin Down (x3)
Hip-Hop Thugsta
from the C-P-T
Compton Style
Real Niggaz
Nigga For
We don't Die..(x3)
I'd like to send all my love out to his kids
and my
God Son Derik, Little D
to all his family
to his wife and everybody who loved him

and the people that didn't love 'em
yo E tell these niggaz whats up
"I say
Fuck 'Em"
I tried thats right fuck these Muthaphukkaz
to all the
real niggaz out there
we still in this muthaphukka
beware...96 Style....96 Style

Yeah Big Man we out.
As I was sayin' before
see you around
buddy boy
Time for me to fuck out goodbye

oooooooooooooh Shit
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