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Artist:Eazy E
Taken from the album It
Album:It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa
Track:Down To Tha Last Roach
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Dr.Dre saying" I still express yo I dont smoke weed or sess"
Ah Greetings
eartlings and were under the muthafuckn
wonderful wonderful mutha fuckn world of gettn high
than a mutha
Who me? Im funk on your mind alias to you mutha fucka's

roachclip. And this heres my Kimosabe~ dumpn shit on yo ass and
my nigga goes by tha name of
BG Ashtray and we 365 that means we
fucked up all away round. And our motto is

(Getttn higher than a mutha fucka,down to tha last roach)
Creepn through this cloud of smoke
with a little bit of funk to
make ya choke in. Gangsta cut feel good inside as we take you
a ride from to another dimension. Deep from a 4-0-oz two crooked
ass niggaz on a
cosmic journey str8 from tha planet G where the
real niggaz dwell in the realms of Ruthless.
Took a puff of tha
indo spliff. High like a bird as I creep to tha bud spot,break me

off a proper piece so I can get fucked with my nigga roachclip,BG
Ashtray,dump that ash tray
Ruthless family,??as can be,smoke
that???psychicdelicly insane and gettn higher than a mutha
(Getttn higher than a mutha fucka,down to tha last roach)
As I step threw tha
smoke,deep from a land broke niggaz dont come
to. Str8 to Indonesia,chronic fever step off
punk we dont need
ya.Blaze a blunt to tha boogie,and come take a ride with a real G

Life is eazily its plain on tha level. Im smoking bud with tha
muthafuckn. In my imagination
sup with these thoughts what a fly
creation,indo smoke from the land of G'z letting them
know they
cant handle these Niggaz. Str8 from tha planet Dime,Ive come to
put funk
on your mind. Eazy-E better known as Mr. Roach clip so
pass tha bud cuz we still getting
higher than a mutha fucka.
(Getttn higher than a mutha fucka,down to tha last roach)

Now Im real fucked up yes high as hell,ring ding ding do I hear
some bells or am I just
trippn thinking about that 4 that Im
dippn. Front,back,side to side,on tunis thats how a
niggaz gotta
ride. Dip to tha,dip to tha back. Pumpn Eazy-E on 8 track,so
blaze up a
another skunky,funky,dookie,doobie,so we can get
loogied. Up some more,up,up it go, Whats my
name "Eazy-E" yo tha
mutha fuckn smokin locn when Im high as a kite causing rucus here

getting higher than a mutha fucka.
(Getttn higher than a mutha fucka,down to tha last
(Below is asked to E while music is still playing)

Q.Common slang names


sticks,joints,roaches,indica,concentrated rezi called hash or
hashie. But some niggaz call
it bud
Q.Active Ingrediant
E.Tetra Hydra Calleminal,,,THC

E.Cannabis Sativa
Q.Form a callogic classification
E.CNS Depressive Hallucigent

Q.Medical Use
E.Experimental only,oh yeah we still testing...And dont forget we

still getting higher than a mutha fucka
(Getttn higher than a mutha fucka,down to tha
last roach
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