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Artist:Eazy E
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Track:Black Nigga Killa
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(Chorus X4)
Black niggaaaaaaaaaa
Killa killa killa killa

Black nigga killa hate brought death
Around the block as I holler points bust though the punks
Raising gang, feel no pain, as I penetrate
Niggas fly deep as I strike a quick
I got the evil of a dead nigga trapped in my mind
So my soul is a threat to my
Born to kill I'm wicked by nature
Cause the streets of my neighborhood breath
young hell razors
I'm 30 odd 6 with the skill
I make a skinhead brain bust all across the
West Coast
Motherfuckers catchin heat
As I bring anger
And release more danger from
my chamber
The evil in my blood is possessed
So I creep low from the back slow and puts
led in that nigga's flesh
Ain't no hope, every nigga wants to be the nine milla on the
The black nigga killa

(Chorus X4)

Deep from the death as I
I can feel his glock in the back of my neck
I'm thinkin to myself what the fuck as I
I can feel my heart thumpin from my balls
Up against his gun what the fuck could I
If I make a wrong move, the nigga might shoot
My pops always warned me when I was
comin up
If I play pussy, I'm bound to get fucked
Though bein broke as hell it be drivin
me crazy
Hooked up with my niggas start jackin niggas daily
Fat sacks of dirt, to
Dayton's, I got em
Slang em dirt cheap cause everything was profit
Now I got his nine on
the back of my mind
As I watch my life pass right before my eyes
The shit that I done, is
all in my face
Reflections of death as I step with my 38
The black nigga killa

(Chorus X4)

Which bitch made the statement?
About the nigga bustin caps supportin
all black Ben Davis
I'm out the doe
My pager's blowin up I check my ghat twice
niggas like to jack on a late night
And as I'm livin like a criminal
I try my best to keep
my gang tight and stay away from punk niggas
Strikin down Broadway
I caught some niggas
out of bounds from the (pause) upper MLK
Slowly crept from the cut at a quick pace
no love in my heart all I feel is hate
So 25 with that L might be mando
Cause nigga I'm
killin for them gold things with that Zapco
I watch the terror in eyes as he backed up

Ease of the break pop that clutch and watch his chest bust
Wide open as I bounce in the night
From the nine milla trigga
The black nigga killa

(Chorus X10)
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