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Artist:Easton Sheena
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Album:Madness Money And Music
Track:Weekend In Paris
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:All the flights were grounded, so I headed for the homeward sign
Didn't think to call you, I
had my watch set on Parisien time
There she was, her fingers in my house, lying on her back in
my bed
Wasn't what I'd hardly expected, and oh God I wish I were dead


I found her red heeled stilletoes, I watched them burn in my fire
One weekend in Paris, I'm
gone for good

All her clothes were scattered, her perfume hanging in the air
the door her laughter, getting louder but you didn't care
There it was, her lipstick, her
Her painted nails still touching your skin
Could not believe what my eyes were
watching, and oh God, will I ever win


I drove round till 4 a.m., had a
cold coffee and then
I made up my mind, my watch would stay on Parisien time
She can keep
her head on my pillow, she can watch my ceiling, my floor
She can check herself in my mirror,
'cause I won't be doin' that no more

chorus repeats 2x

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