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Artist:Easton Sheena
Taken from the album No Sound But A Heart by Easton Sheena
Album:No Sound But A Heart
Track:No Ordinary Love
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I don't think I've ever felt like this
I don't think I've ever known so much happiness
never had one touch change so much, and oh what a feeling

This time, I'm sure that heaven
must have sent you from above
'Cause I get butterflies when you whisper sweet love
other heart will do, oh it's only you

You take my breath away, everytime
you hold me, I want to say I love you
My cup is to the top, and emotions overflowing
this ain't no ordinairy love, this ain't no ordinairy love

My love, you've given new
meaning to romance and my world
Would never be the same again, no more tears in the rain

No more hidden inhibitions
It's a brand new day and it's filled with your magic
We both
know that it's real and what we feel inside
No mountain's too high to climb, no river can
After all is said and done you're the one, I'm already gone


I know nothing is guaranteed, but I'll take my chances
There's no need to worry, this is not
ordinary love

(Instrumental break)

I love you, baby

Baby this ain't
no ordinairy love, this ain't no ordinairy love


No ordinary love, ain't
no, ain't no, no ordinary love

No it's only you, no other heart will do
It's only
you, no other heart will do
It's special, special, it's gonna be special, special (to

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