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Artist:Easton Sheena
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Album:Do You
Track:Magic Of Love
Date Added:18/10/2007
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I believe in the magic of love, baby
Do you believe, do you believe in the magic
of love
(repeats 2x)

When there's no love in your life
Days feel long, you're
all alone, and life waves you bye-bye
You close the door to your heart
Don't want to let
the pain in yet, you're always on your guard
But when the love birds start to sing, you hear
bells start to ring
And you feel it's happening, oh baby


there's no love in your home
You're on the street so incomplete, you're out on your own,
You'll meet some just along for the ride
But you know where they're coming from, let
your conscience be your guide
But when the day comes, the night goes, when your hate stops your
love flows
Stimulation in an overload, oh baby


I can feel it in my
I feel the power of the hour, a sensation celebration
I can feel it, feel it in my
soul, my soul
Feel the magic all around you, now that love has found your life

chorus repeats out...

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