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Artist:Easton Sheena
Taken from the album No Sound But A Heart by Easton Sheena
Album:No Sound But A Heart
Track:Floating Hearts
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Darker grows the moon, and shadows steal across the prison of my room
I fight the sleep back
from my eyes
I know I'll only be alone when I rise, I'll only be alone when I rise

Candles flicker out, the curtains flutter and a chill is all about
I keep reliving yesterday,
time won't make my memories fade away
My memories won't fade away

life was just a carousel, a penny in a wishing well
A heavy-lidded summer night under the
Our pleasures were so easy then, I never gave a thought to when
We'd come apart,
victims of floating hearts

Love was in the air, and I believed there'd always be enough
to share
I never felt the winds of change, your love for me so suddenly blown away
love for me has flown, flown away


(Instrumental break)

chorus repeats 2x

We'd come apart, victims of floating hearts
We'd come apart,
victims of floating hearts...

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