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Artist:East West
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Breath on me.

Just another punk coming straight out of O.C.,
Yeah you don't know me but
I sure ain't no croney,
Bringin' a style that's fresh and new,
Giving all the praise to the
one that's true.
If you got ears to hear, you better open them,
Bringing the faith, and the
love, and the hope to them.
All. All around the world as we cry,
Oh won't you breath on

Breath on me.

Justified and we're free, you know we hit
Ain't no reason to lie, it's all about a clean slate,
But still we see times that
are hard,
Sticking to lines that are faded and scarred.
So we press on never truning around,
no need to
Look back when there's nothing but ground.
As we wait for you to bring us
Oh won't you breathe on us

Breathe on me.
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