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Artist:East 17
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Track:If You Ever (Featuring Gabrielle)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Hey, Oh yeah, Come On, Whoaah
If You Ever, Hey
My my my my

The very first time that
I saw your brown eyes,
Your lips said hello and I said hi,
I knew right then that you were
the one,
But I was caught up in physical attraction,
Much to my satisfaction
Maybe you
were more than just a friend.

* And If you ever (ever fall)
Fall in love again now
You must make sure that the lady is a friend
And if you ever (ever fall)
Fall in
love so true now baby
You must be sure that she feels the same way too *

If I say that
I will be your one and only
Promise that you'll never leave me lonely
I just wanna be the
one you need
I just wanna be the one to serve you,
Sometimes I feel as if I don't deserve
I'd cherish every moment that we share

* Chorus *

~ Verse 1 ~

Chorus *
(Repeat to fade)
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