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Taken from the album Kaleidoscope Superior by Earthsuit
Album:Kaleidoscope Superior
Track:Sky Flashings
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Who keeps the balance in suspended skies
Supporting Earth with inward thrust
Let the
audience refocus eyes
On all sky flashings in front of us

Who's seen in the midst of
unsealing skies
It's revelation that all can see
And yet our hearts remain hushed
Mindless of fantasia we enjoy for free

It takes a miracle, kaleidoscope
Spinning vortex, bleeding shades of night to day

Sovereign pictures center
Genius of the cosmic craze
Days and nights keep on and on
God abroad in blended

In our sky flashings

Who can deny this pure design
Emanating views
never seen
Revealing art to mortal minds
Entranced in our phantasmic dreams
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