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Taken from the album Miscellaneous by Earthsuit
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Enslaved to silence I
See the free
But in schiz I surely stay

It is much easier
Change your tune
When you song ain't being played

Youth Camp junkies don't
get enough to make the buzz last
Where ya'll at, where ya'll at
Youth Camp junkies don't
get enough to make the buzz last
heads up seven up to the schizophreniac

I see the stone faced to the one way track

Heads up seven up to the schizophreniac

Easy I flake
out as
I speak the words that my soul don't wanna say
Changing my colors as focus brings
My subtle shades of grey

Well it's the brain child from the histile, people of
the rock
Got 66 rounds of schizophrenic sounds
Yet I stress in the realm of the
No rental cause for applause like yental
Gentle on the wire 'cause I rock the
A string habitat
Spare me no room for the fat
Pat the ground with the head
that much prefer the clouds
The mind of the Pahrisee is subject to the gravity
We must
avoid the gravity

Don't show ya heads 'round here 'cause you're bound to lose 'em

The strain will make ya choose 'em
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