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Artist:Eagle-Eye Cherry
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Track:Shooting Up In Vain
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Waking up as the sun goes down
Body all in pain
Straight out the door to the worst part of
Shooting up in vain

Slips all his money to the man
Here we go we go again
Got bags of mercy in the palm of his hand
Shooting up in

So he heads for the closest rooftop
And now he's free with the
skyline begind
But it won't be long until his high will drop
Then you know what he'll try
to find
Such a shame

Now he's back on that hunt for more
Body all in pain

Wanting to get back to where he was before
Shooting up in vain
So now he goes and sells
his wedding ring
Here we go we go again
But now he's sold exactly
Shooting up in vain


Such a shame

Down to the
bed as the sun goes up
Body all in pain
Now he swears he's going to stop
Shooting up
in vain
He's Dr. Jekyll and he's Mr. Hyde
He's got to listen to that voice deep
Got a one-way ticket on a derailed train
Got a one-way ticket on a derailed
Shooting up in vain
Such a shame
Such a shame

Got a one-way ticket
on a derailed train

Got to stop shooting up in vain...(REPEAT)
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