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Artist:E A Ski
Taken from the album Friday Soundtrack by E A Ski
Album:Friday Soundtrack
Track:Blast If I Have To
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:It ain't the niggas that act hard
it's the niggas that be like quiet like
It's the
ones that put the slugs in your ass
and tell your ass goodnight
So get that nigga a
marble coffin
Cos I ain't that nigga t' FUCK with
I'm from the O so I blast often

Motherfuckers wanna test my nuts and be like stuck
Cos E A Ski's shot some shit up

Nigga I thought you knew that it be on
Never leave the house without the chrome

Nigga you can fuck around and get your life took
Thinkin I won't squeeze this fuckin
Till these bullets stop distributin
Cut your ass on the late-night (ride)

Tryin ta jack my shit, but my Glock is seventeen tight
Now ya bent outta shape from
the tips, no talons
That I loaded in your ass by the gallons
Now then, why would you
FUCK with a G?
I don't slang but I throw them thangs and shoot the Glock 20
ain't got their ass in to the CP banner
By a nigga that was well mannered
Now you're
in for a treat, you don't wanna meet my crew
We blast if we have to

We blast if we have to nigga
Don't make me have to
Squeeze this motherfuckin
And it don't stop
I blast if I have to nigga
Don't make me have
Squeeze this motherfuckin millimetre
And it won't stop

Shit, I cocked a '94 beamer, strapped with the Glock
I caught a '94 misdemeanor (That's
fucked up)
They had my ass in the tank
With nothin but motherfuckin time to sit and
think (Why?)
I had my shit in the first place
A black motherfucker in the O witta
beamer is the worst place
To be caught with the strap
A ten thousand bail and an
infrared Glock I'll never get back
Can't fight the shit so I'm down for probation, waitin

Two years and sixty days in a locked station
Can't fade the 6-0, so I chose the 2

And cut it down, I talk to the youth
Because they can't, I gotta file and some
All because a nigga wanna keep his motherfuckin shit
Now ya see it
ain't no love in this bitch
Strapped on the defence, pull it only when I need it
these niggas wanna play me for my earned shit
They ain't earned shit, they wanna take, I
gotta empty clips
These niggas ain't shit (I thought you knew, nigga?)
That's why my
shit stay cocked, I blast if I have to
Oh,he's a mark and he's way outta
Fuckin with a nigga from the Eastside O and don't think I knock him
Fuck you
and your raps cos it ain't right
Niggas in the O yell "Ski" cos the track's tight

Motherfucker you can rap and try ta clown
Niggas ain't fucking wit you and your wacked sound

Who's the crew you wanna fuck with? (The infrared)
Ai yo C, put the beam to this
nigga's head
PCP motherfucker, you lost a few screws
And these niggas don't know so
I'm spreading the news
Player hater got my name in his mouth
If I shoot this 9
milli, I'm damn sure he'll wash my name out
Closet nigga can't cuff his nuts so he talk much
And be fucked when the Glock hit
I thought you knew that it be on like that

It ain't about the biggest gat, it's who's the first to bust a cap
These loco niggas
ain't hearin me
I give much love but have to blast if they fuck with me
And no
motherfuckin sympathy (He-huh!)
(The chrome as real as you) I blast if I have to

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