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Artist:E 40
Taken from the album Hall Of Game by E 40
Album:Hall Of Game
Track:Record Haters
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Cal Luv's intro)*

Yo check it out.
Today we're here wit basketball star
Rasheed Wallace.
(Yo what up kid?)
From the... what what what team is that you
play for again?
(Sshh. The Bullets man.)
Yea right right.
So tell me
Rasheed you know what I'm sayin this hip hop thang an everythang
goin on tell me I mean
what what's yo flavor?
(Yo check it out kid I only like real hip hop man the real shit.
You know
what I'm sayin. Redman, Wu-Tang, you know what I'm sayin. I don't fool wit

the Goodie Mob's, and I especially don't fool wit them E-40's.)

Verse 1

Nigga what the fuck they hit fo?
Nigga let's shoot fins
you got all the bread
put up yo Benz
nah-nah, can't do that
Why not?
Ol skool trophy

somethin I done worked too hard fo
nigga quote me
yo swole bank rolls done
turned to lil ol anarxins
get ready to pay the price ??? pee-wee no catchin
Who got
change fo this brand new hundred?
Staight outta welfare
when I break you niggas I'm
a have enough money, to buy a bare fare
spend about a half a hundred thousand
up my coins
preceed to spit mo supafly
than Donald Goins
this game is so
damn hemrigin
that I be delivin
these niggas don't understand my shit
they surrendurin
simmerin, rememberin things that, done jumped off
lyrics spit on
niggas than a, a bad cough
messy hoes, got my name between they teeth
because... I'm from the WEST not the EAST
graduated from the dope game
phat ass
What's that niggas name?
Rasheed Wallace!!
You gon' have to learn to
respect yo elders mayne
I'm twomp bait nigga ain't no need for you to record hate

mind ya own, or ya own gon remind you
The Click will biatch!

Chorus *(Big Lurch & E-40)*

Record Hatin bitches!
Suave game and
(Learn about it bitch!)
We should cease you from existance.

(That's right)
Niggas like that shouldn't be livin.
(Mutha fucka!)
Ya Record
Hatin bitches
there's no way you could get wit this
(Stick to
basketball nigga!)
we should cease you from existance
niggas like that shouldn't be

Verse 2

Got another mutha fucka on my shit
I'm a cut off his dick list
I mean my hit list
my rest in piss list

dude that be hangin around Nas
you know, gay baby
nigga said some negative
shit about me up in a magazine called "
after watchin "New York Undercover" while I was,
takin a shit
Kool Keith was on the front cover that's when I
that's when I spotted
that nigga AZ tried to say that I don't deserve a platinum plaque
nigga I was
sellin tapes out the trunk of my car when you was runnin round
drinkin Simalac
up in yo fake ass videos (ok)
champagne an coffin full of skrill nigga know damn well yo
punk ass ain't
got had no mills
I'm payin full nigga an I'll have yo head where ever
you at
I'm straight fool nigga seem like someone shoulda been an told ya that
the yellow tape nigga
jungle full of asphalt
don't make no sense to talk that talk
if a nigga ain't gon' walk that walk
zip up yo lip befo' yo lip zip you up

I gives a fuck! Biatch!

It's major pain.
Nigga don't
know a damn thang about me.
You mutha fuckas don't know nuttin bout no E-40 hoe!

Monkey mouthed biatch!


Record Hatin
Suave game and snitches!
(Learn about it bitch!)
We should cease
you from existance.
(That's right)
Niggas like that shouldn't be livin.

(Shouldn't be livin.)
Ya Record Hatin bitches!
(Record Hatin bitches!)

there's no way you could get wit this
We should cease you from existance

(V-Town bitch!)
Niggas like that shouldn't be livin.
(E'ry time)

Verse 3

When I first started off niggas had me fucked
mutha fuckas
was blind
in '89 that ol "Mr. Flamboyant" shit was
way ahead of his time
everyone an they great grandmas off that
Carlos Rossi wine
was in a major label an
business that uh
didn't want us to shine
it was me an my potna from Suave House
Tony Draper
E-40, an The Click
8-Ball, an MG gettin that

independent paper
all about my ruh-uh-rap
uh-should I shine
beat a mutha
fucka uh-duh-down
e'ry time
40 get yo marbles man
get yo change
a limosuine everywhere you go and fly private planes
that's what I was taught to do

by my big homie thou
you can always be a nigga, but a nigga ain't rich til he can't count
money no mo'
over night sensation
never me
all you "Record
Haters" got
my niggas 3X Krazy laced me
taught me how to say "fa
told me that them AZ mutha fuckas don't believe phat means greasy
we can
shoot it out
or we can fight
You an Rasheeda wanna squash the funk?
Shoot me
some peace bitch!


Record Hatin bitches!
hatin bitches!)
Suave game and snitches!
(Suave game and snitches!)
should cease you from existance.
(That's rich.)
Niggas like that shouldn't be livin.

Ya Record Hatin bitches
(Lil ol, biatch!)
There's no way
you could get wit this
(That's right.)
We should cease you from existance

(Learn about it.)
Niggas like that shouldn't be livin.
(That's right
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