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Artist:E 40
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Track:extra mannish
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(e 40)
I'mma lil mannish motha fucka
I take out them older brothas
started out
sellin marijauna
but now I'm sellin yola
shit was gettin hella funky at first
when a
nigga was snatchin up bitches purse
ended up gettin kicked up outta school in vallejo
clocked me like a circus (like a circus?)
I was the lil mannish mufucka showin out in the back
of the church
my momma was quick to hit me witta switch and I'd say that hurts
get to the
house, start some shit, and start some trash
I never believed a hard head made a soft
cause I be movin fast and I be tryin'na stash
beat up the pizza man and I str8
disobedient sports cut my days short
my mama got tired of takin my ass back and forth
to court
I said momma I'mma straighten up for you and I promise that I'mma work
got me a
job as a paper boy, $21 a month
5 o'clock in the morning, damn I'm slavin for the fuckin white
$21 might buy me some porage call me chicken george
I'm tired of mutha fuckas fuckin
over me
how can I find a way to make some real money
but you don't feel me, I was tired of
being broke lookin tore down
I came up off a $20 break-me-down
next thang you know, I was
up to about a quarter of a key
niggaz wuz trippin off me cause I was a young
gettin my fetti on but when it was funk I had to stall
time to go
get them choppers and bring out the u-haul
I'm extra mannish-I make ya vanish-I play for
investigate that ass til I find out where you sleep
MUTHAFUCKA I'm kamikaze-don't
even try me I
bars nuttin, best believe that I'mma bring the uh
fully automatic tommy with
the info red and say I'm sorry
before I pump yo ass fulla lead and dump the body
mannish" thats what people be callin me
oh we can be cool until you gets to threatenin
I lose my temper and shit- my eyes turn red
blow my top and get real hot at the
I guess I'mma failure - I got no future in my frontin
all I'm able to do is sell dope
and hit the blunt
don't ask me why sometimes I go to church and testify
the preacher
preaches and I be dang near ready to cry
rebuke the devil - I gotta get up out the ghetto -
sometimes I wonder if mommy and daddy was ever payin me
who would ever think that a
nigga like me would become such a bad ass
my mommy and daddy done fucked around
and created a damn monster
why didn't I wait til I was bigger before I started drinkin malt
I guess I was a nappy headed stubborn lil mannish ass nigga
(young mut
guess who comes thru
its me- the Y O U N G M U T Z
I'm just as
mannish as I wanna be I pack a 30-30
niggaz wanna blast me because I'm down and
extra mannish is how I'm livin and I'm fuckin my neighbors bitch and
she's lovin
every minute of the dick that I be givin
bitches on my jock bitches on my jock
niggaz on
the block know I got a glock
bean cocks, pecos, and all that
I'm beatin niggaz down witta
baseball bat
I'm not the revenues
I'm gettin paid fool
a ghetto mutha fucka witta
its young mut z and e40
this explains why its
hard for us blacks and hispanics
and why we turn extra mannish
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