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Artist:E 40
Taken from the album In A Major Way by E 40
Album:In A Major Way
Track:Da Bumble
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I flipped a Lexi speed up and catch me
Lexus of Concord reached out and touched me

Some of you hoe fake ass niggas like Roz be messy
I know some beautiful black intelligent
women they're sexy
E 40's back and blackened I don't be barkin
No even high cappin
you better watch me
I'm comin snippin ninety five ninety six ninety seven
your persodian 30 R 6 castodian
Special shot to casual deal the sales in opium

About the town, the valley Joe
Just like a democratic, I'm from the hall
Fuck the
bumble, you bitch it ain't no punk hoe
Pedestrian stumble sound like a gorilla tryin

to get up out of a trunk hoe
Continue strikin it, hope you likin it
They'l be makin
nasties at the bus stop and trackin it
Every egg that I pull in bulges
When it comes
to spittin I'm ferocious
Management in cabbages, Savage
Hangin out when all the
sudden I'm eatin ham sandwiches
All day, everyday, 40 play, he say
She say, bieetch!
that-a-way, keep it goin now
Don't stop, shakin baking soda, forms a rock
36 steps
on a triple beam scale
Burn the duct tape but keep all the ya-yo
Rip a peel, extra
crisp, really really
Ate it like I'm a specialist
(Drisidrisomina?) is the illest
Thinkin I put cause like this
You know I'm (puzackin'?), n the morning, makin
From the ghetto in the bullet-proof apron
Here comes the laws, valium crushin
through my balls
I rip my draw-string, runnin from the canine cocaine-sniffing dogs

Some niggaz hate me, some niggaz love me
Some niggaz shake my paw, some niggaz love me

I see ya tweakin, I see ya peekin
Your roaches with me, while you're sleepin

A motherfucker ain't gotta be Flash Gordon on
the front of a bash to get a bash have you one
protect the shit one more duct dash to come up your ???
Lettin em know,
preferred zodiac sign Scorpio
See the breeze soldier, V-A-L-L-E-J-O
Never show
witness to your
Never leave your crib with out your pepper, beeotch!
I'm tryin to
get legal with it
Open up a shop cotton candy and licorice
Cash in stashes, that's a
We leavein with a million and that's a plus
Don't get it twisted, don't try to
find me
My BM's whistlin, or Hawaii
1-2-3-40, wheels new shoes scrappin toe to toe

Crack black jack and keno, strike sideways hit Reno
Ball cappin, no smilin

Sittin lo somethin profilin, beeitch!
Fuck the bumble, you bitches it ain't no punk hoe

You clits it ain't no punk hoe
(Outro chit chat
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