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Album:The Element of Surprise
Track:Trump Change
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Trump change? (Chump change)
Nah TRUMP change patnah not chump change
Trump change,
I'm talkin Donald Trump change
I'm talkin deep man, I'm talkin y'know? E-Feezee

Chorus: E-40

TRUMP CHANGE, 32.5 Northstar with the
with the ? FRAMES, ?

candy coated paint, push it wet
Roller skatin on them thangs! Ridin federal

Super-flossin, full tank of petrol
Me and my Mossie, TRUMP CHANGE
Lucrative loot, long
money, big bread
Step on my boots, next day, he was dead
Shit you not, all I gotta do

is cough to have your motherfuckin head knocked off

"Nigga you ? if you don't
get no damn money
Just remember no matter how much motherfuckin fetti you sittin on

you still a damn nigga"
Y'all know us meth merchants, sherm stick or pies
Y'all know
us sea serpents, makin the grass, get full supplies
Little man complex, and if I ain't little

then I'm big, and if I'm big then I got, big man complex
Love sex, took three of my
botches welfare checks
Put a down payment on a brand new invisible diamond bezel

Oyster Perpetual Rolex
Bullet proof vest and armored like bricks
Sometimes you might
find me drinkin tap water
up out the public park sphinx
But most of the time it's
Louis the Thirteenth, sixteen
hundred dollars a pop, guzzle sip sip guzzle non-stop

Mo' candy than ?, flamboast and brag
Go on shoppin sprees, and act bad
Never mind how
much it cost, put it in the bag!
Bought a brand new Jag without, lookin at the price tag


Fresh up out the box, bought a shit-load of guns
with my
left-over cop money, pay cash all ones
Talk to money, I feed the dopefiends crumb
monumental, when they let me use they rental
I'm a factor, livin life, with mo' cheese

than the Green Bay Packers, pay off the vice
ain't never went out Blackwards
engaged to this dope game, no swivel
We talked about gettin out, but it's not official

When there's a drought we don't fret, we handle business
Nigga what you sweatin if you have
scientizzic chemistes
that can make that shit and when they cook that shit
it's just
like dinner
But cluckheads don't use forks and spoons
They use TV antennas


BAR-NONE, sucked up to nathin, heavy rotation
If it wasn't for
some of that "Tired of Being Stepped On" shit
when I was locked up, I probably wouldn't have
never made it
Splurgin, overspendin, doin just a little bit too much
Puttin the ? on ?
if I could do it all over again
I'd do it just like
I was locked up on a Friday, went
to court on a Tuesday
Third strike victim, judge tried to do me
Lookin at my folks on
"Nigga that's my nigga!" In the day room

Sorry about your patnah, heard he took a fall
Up in here, we get the news before y'all

Now you know we ain't supposed to be talkin on this kind of phones
Dude why you jaw jackin

Well what's the new thing? White collared crime computer hackin
Ticket scalpin, and
dang near e'rybody that I know
be tryin to Charlie Hustle and get they paper
cable box scramblers to bootleg bitches
Just tapes, I let my boys drive my toys
dectectors and po-po scanners makin hella noise
Lookin out for the ?

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