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Artist:D-Reck, Noke D, Tyte Eyez, Kiotti
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Track:Thats What I Like
Date Added:18/10/2007
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I like it (I like it), I really like it
I like it, I really really
I like it, I really like it..

[Hook: Isis Re - 4x]
(that's what I like), I
like it I like it
(that's what I like), I like it I really really

This what I like, big Benz with bubble lights
When the two times
10's still spin, at the light
Falling up in the club, and partying all night
Seeing all I
can see, then I'm leaving with some hype
Yeah that's what I like, she the prototype
sassy but classy, with her head on tight
Big sex rapper type, go hard all night
She Creole
spice, and cook red beans and rice
Yeah that's what I like, taking first class flights
frames for sight, I'm dressed in linen white
On a tropical beach, with Robin Leach rocking
My hustle so precise, so my cash flow nice
Riding my way, each and every day
Man I
work hard, so you know how I play

[Noke D]
We parlay parlay, and me-nage
We have
sex capades, for days and days

I'ma do it how it go, and you already
Reck all about his do', I'm a money making pro
Chance taker in a show, shake the dice
and let em go
Yeah I love a good woman, but I like a good hoe

[Noke D]
See I like
getting money, when I'm doing a show
I might get money, when I'm doing your hoe
Cause that's
the way it go, man it go down
Whole K Eastbay, speed dot com
I'm on the front line, when
it's crunch time
Fourth and goal line, I'm going for mine
And my teammate playas,
eliminating haters
Boys can't fade us, we the rap game Lakers
And I like that, candy on
And I like that girl, you get's one sto
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