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Track:Dig It D-Tent Boys
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(zig)u got 2 go dig thoose holes
with broken hand and witherd souls
and ancipated 4 all u
u got 2 go dig those holes

chourse:digin up thoose holes digin it
digin up
thooes holes (zero)holes (x2)

(caveman) 2 sutes 2 tolkens in hand
i got no respect
'cause i'm the new man
got my shouvle shoes full of sand
check out the tag the names
caveman uh

(x-ray) take a bad boy make him dig 5 feet
the dirt in each
shovle will giv us a beet
u gotta find somthing never found before
if not we'll just have
2 dig some more

(all) na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na (x2)

(my man
zero)your hands may blister
your mussles stay sore
u want a break? knock on the wardens


(armpit)A-R-M-P-I-to the-T
what is that u snellin
dog thats me
i don't take showers and i don't brush my teeth
thats all i do is dig holes
eat and sleep

(x-ray) their is no late day
their is no shade day
their is no
place 2 hide
so just sit and wait 2 fry

(zig zag)u got 2 go dig thoose


(my man zero againx2) wake up in the morning before the
keeps digin that hole 'till the day is done
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