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Track:Dig It (Full Version)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Dig it up oh oh, Dig it
Dig it up oh oh
Dig it up oh oh, dig it
Dig it up
oh oh

take a bad boy make him dig five feet
the dirt and these shovels

whatever it might be ok
you've got to find something never found before
if not you'll
just have to dig somemore
(Zig Zag)
You've got to go and dig those


Two suits two tolkens at hand
I've got no respect
cause i'm the new man
got my shovel my shoes full of sand
check out the tag the name is
caveman oh,
Nana nana nanana
A-R-M-P-I to the T
What is that your smellin,
dog thats me
I dont take showers and i dont brush my teeth
all i do is dig holes eat and


(Zig Zag)
You've got to go and dig those holes
with broken
hands and a withered sole
frustrated all day long
you've got to go and dig those
your hands may blister your mustles stay sore
you want a break knock on the
wardens door
There is no late day no shave day
there is no place to hide so sit
and wait to fry


Wake up in the morning before the sun
diggin them holes til the day is done X2

Chorus* till end
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