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Taken from the album Tango by Iglesias Julio1. Iglesias Julio

A Media Luz
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Taken from the album Tango by Iglesias Julio2. Iglesias Julio

El Da Que Me Quieras
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Taken from the album Tango by Iglesias Julio3. Iglesias Julio

La Cumparsita
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Taken from the album Emociones by Iglesias Julio4. Iglesias Julio

Pobre Diablo
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No album artwork found5. Iglesias Julio

All of You
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No album artwork found6. Iglesias Julio

Adios, Pampa Mia
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No album artwork found7. Iglesias Julio

If You Go Away
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No album artwork found8. Iglesias Julio

Mano a Mano
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No album artwork found9. Iglesias Julio

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No album artwork found10. Iglesias Julio

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No album artwork found11. Iglesias Julio

El Choclo
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